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The Word of Mouth Marketing Apocalypse Of 2019

Dec. 28, 2018
The WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING APOCALYPSE OF 2019 It’s already happening… and in 2019 it’s only going to get worse. Ignoring this could potentially wreck your direct selling (online or offline) business and cripple your marketing campaigns… (that’s not an exaggeration).

...And How You Can Survive The Profit-Crushing Fallout

That’s why… as a serious marketer, you’ll want to pay close attention and read EVERY word of this article (even read it twice)…

Here’s the situation…

If you’ve been involved in direct selling, you have noticed that majority of things are happening online for the past few years (or longer) then you already know that things EVOLVE QUICKLY and NEVER GET BACK TO OLD VERSION OF IT. Each time strategies & techniques ‘evolve’ you either keep up, or you get left behind. And being “left behind” means having your business profit steadily decline, or even being put completely out of business. This article will give you an edge over your competitors because many of them are going to be blindsided with what’s coming…


You probably know what a “word of mouth marketing” is…it’s basically selling products or services directly to the buyer in person or by recommendation. Lately, as an alternative to word of mouth marketing, the so-called “Affiliate” marketing was the most viable method although it didn’t use the most efficient principle in sale, which is word of mouth. An online marketer would use “marketing funnel” to send traffic to a single website page and ‘hope for the best’ that the visitor would buy whatever product was there for sale. Marketing Funnels used to be this big mystery… this ‘secret’ thing that worked behind the scenes that people weren’t really aware of. Today marketing funnels are EVERYWHERE. In one-on-one direct selling for sure, you heard this quote once: “I can sell anything” ...any product or service...THAT'S A COMPLETE LIE! This is among the most dangerous “facts” in the direct selling industry. You can only sell something that you have a passion for, feelings, you resonate with....and it has never been more difficult to get to that stage with one company or product than Today. The only thing that sales today is Emotional conviction. A person takes a decision in 7s after physical contact with another person and so words, selling techniques...are irrelevant
In MLM (multi-level marketing) industry everybody was addressed by “special” people who were selling “business opportunity” once. We all know the feeling we get in our guts when we are addressed like this. De facto this industry is suffering the heaviest due to lack of time, focus...that people have and especially because it's impossible for them to get their distributors into Emotional conviction state of mind... the reason is simple: people cannot connect truly to 7 sins (greed…), our brains cannot connect to undefined category such as money, a lot of money… ...when on the other side, a person can connect to the value received from a product because his brains can understand the link between the value, the product and his personal benefits from the product     Does this sound too heavy for you? It might be, but your success in business depends on it, so better study it.

Here's a scary statistic

Did you know that Facebook has over 6,000,000+ active advertisers today!? SIX MILLION businesses buying traffic on Facebook and competing against you to find new customers… and this number is growing every day. Did you know that selling one-on-one or selling with leverage in presentations, seminars...has become extremely costly and inefficient and unless prospects are self-prepared by reviewing digital media content...it efficiency ratio measured in cost/benefits dropped for appx. 85%. Did you know that 99% of MLM businesses lose money? According to a report done for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., of the Consumer Awareness Institute. The Small Business Association (SBA) found that 44 per cent of small businesses survive at least four years and 31 per cent at least seven years. The NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) found in a recent survey of small businesses that over the lifetime of a business, 39% are profitable, 30% break even, and 30% lose money. Cumulatively, that’s a 64% Success rate compared to 99% Lose money failure rate in MLM (failed business ≠ lose money). Amway failure rate stands at 99 per cent as an example. This means that less than one in 100 MLM participants make a clear profit, and at least 99 out of 100 participants actually lose money. Not to mention that MLM targets the most vulnerable in society, uses controversial tactics to recruit people….

So, what does this mean for you?

All this is going to get worse… much worse. It’s just too easy to set up an online business today. It’s too easy to roll-out a Digital Marketing campaign. Marketing Funnels as you know them today will begin to become less and less effective as competition grows. That special “One-Time Offer” or unique Upsell or Order Bump marketing will become saturated… MLM business model is close do distinction, while one-on-one selling became very inefficient unless we have enough digital tools and content available with supporting campaigns AND digital prime product with hyper-viral “lead generator” system Are you asking yourself what the heck is all this?...

Here's what really scary...

You cannot influence any of that and you have almost no time to study it! Unless you live in financial freedom already, your financial health depends on this! For those who already need extra $$ from a side business to sustain family budget today, this is THE final alert... ...as costs of online campaigns are destined to grow, one-on-one marketing cost/profit structure has changed forever due to facts that are mainly not connected to costs of marketing but psychology principles of the market and so it became way more complex than ever. And more than obvious MLM model doesn't work at all considering all known facts of today?!

So, what is left?

Home-based small businesses should shorten the gap between rich and poor...it should be the future of new world economy where individuals should be able to build their financial health or freedom or efficiently earn something extra to sustain their family budget. So how come that failure ratio is so outrageous but people are still pursuing these ventures? And it is getting constantly worse even for healthy small businesses...The answer is very simple: people have no other choice and lack of knowledge, resources, skills, and experience in business makes them easy “victims” in this game. Are you asking yourself already What is here for me after reading all these disturbing words? Well, we spent more than a decade to prepare, live tested “test” products for more than 2 years and here is our response to the situation;

There are only FIVE WAYS to adjust to situation NOW and position yourself for thriving business in future

  1. Find a company that emphasizes all that was accounted for in this report. Be death serious in pursuing all critical elements of business needed to thrive today and in the future. Prime digital product with straightforward up-sale or down-sale options, hyper-viral “lead generator” systems, free digital tools and content, pre-made follow up campaigns, social media friendly product line, “future-oriented” marketing materials, no cost for starting the business, verified professionals in charge of company evolution….
  2. Emotonal conviction is a turning point and the most important element of all five. You can compensate others if you have this one, but you cannot take care of others if you don't have this one!
  3. This superior reasoning is what makes you resonate with products and/or company. This means that you truly believe in it from experience and it has such great value for you that you prioritize very high or the highest on your personal prioritization scale3. Plan for success is a very common phrase in business or life in general but we all know what happens in the end. Don't waste your time and energy if digital technology can model verified methods for you and make sure all the important support is provided. Allow yourself no mistakes when max clarity (power) and focus (endurance) is needed for the most important things in your life
  4. Lower your business costs is a MUST move in this world where everything goes digital and technology is pushing the limits of market performance every day. This is not a long-distance race but rather abundant of short sprints where human beings cannot cope with speed anymore5. Expand your business reach is basically conformance of the previous point where we need to consider competition on a saturated market that will only increase. Therefore, the legitimate reaction is to “fish” more successful in an existing pond or fish with the same or higher success rate in more ponds at the same time. The second approach where we expand to more ponds and possibly experience even higher success rate is more viable, less risky and for sure more long term.

Here’s some good news

There’s some brand-new software that was created to handle all of your Life planning, Team-building & Boosting execution for you! This software took over a decade to develop and is about to be your new “ABSOLUTE WEAPON” when it comes to planning and executing in your Life…

It’s the world’s FIRST Personalized Digital Success System software.

Here’s why you should start using it right away…
  • Save Time: Quickly & easily access all Tools for 4 fundamentals of your life, no matter how simple or how complex it is.
  • Save Money: Have the ability to completely eliminate the most time-consuming things from your life, find perfect timing for the most important things and boost its execution.
  • Grow Faster: By being able to improve your self-awareness, build teams and even manage them for the most important aspects of your life, you will accomplish personal and professional growth faster and more effective than ever.
  • Earn Money: Besides obvious impact of the system on your earning potential, you have the ability to use our Referral system or join an Affiliate program. This way you can create a new, hyper-viral revenue stream with global reach WITH an unprecedented perspective.

So, what's the idea behind the whole thing?

Because everything in our lives is connected - related, nothing can be addressed as a separate issue and improved that way. Relationship influences Business, Health, Time...influence personal relationships and vice -versa. So, therefore, we must take care of all these categories at once. ZeeQuest idea is to provide a digital platform with the most effective tools to address all those categories at once, we call it Success System.
It's a simple formula for building personal success: Time + Health + Social relations + finances = Success In other words, we provide all fundamental tools needed for a person to adjust to the current situation in today's world (stress, lack of time, planning, teambuilding, dating, networking…) or cope with entrepreneurship in direct selling. Our vision is to join the power of individual small businesses into a global community where all major deficiencies can be overcome fast and the best business practices can be implemented swiftly.

And even more….

Because we believe our community deserves even better financial health, we incorporated global profit sharing scheme with new to world legal structure, so-called STO (Security Token Offering) for all marketers or entrepreneurs who will take advantage of this financial incentive as early movers.

So, what does NAVIGATOR do?

NAVIGATOR creates a beautiful Maps of your Planning, gives you profiling capabilities to build your team and even support you to manage it. Wizards make sure you're properly guided and create blueprints for automated supporting activities. We only covered preparation work until here and what is the most exciting, it gives you the perfect timing for the most important tasks in your life so you can boost your outcome the way the world leaders and Fortune 500 companies does But, that’s just the beginning…

With NAVIGATOR, you can:

  • Start building towards your Dream Goal and reverse engineer road towards it
  • Fully map out your Objectives and set up fully automatic supporting campaigns
  • Know Your Numbers - Boost your ROI with the clarity of mastering pertinent planning in your own business or join ours
  • Measure your Strengths and Results
  • Profile, Build and Manage your team/s in different categories of life
  • Yield the benefits of deep insights from your Leadership or Earning style, Secret traits of your personality and Recommendations for Personal or Professional growth
  • Harvest the value of generating hot leads: every time someone uses the system; product lead generator creates hot leads and a pre-made campaign is set so they get enough information to take decision for potential buy
  • Bring your marketing to 0 costs: while others are stressed and paying tons of funds for marketing which is becoming insanely efficient and more expensive every month, we give you hyper-viral creation of hot leads for free

In summary… use NAVIGATOR to:

Start Navigating your life towards success in all fundamental segments of life. We provide you with staggering tools, techniques, and methods that took others centuries to master them. Navigator makes it easier than ever to Plan for Success and, constantly improve, iterate and future-pace your personal and professional growth. Your next big idea, project, product, relationship, diet, campaign or profit stream all starts first with NAVIGATOR. Want to Check Out NAVIGATOR for Yourself? The good news is… as you are reading this, we are just opening the NAVIGATOR Pilot Program with the first Free experience of Success Profile.

How Will You Benefit by Joining the Pilot Program?

For starters… everybody loves getting a great deal — especially a Lifetime Discount, right? We’ve slashed the price of NAVIGATOR for early-adopters like you before planning the official launch in Q1 2019 and decided to give you a FREE sneak peek into your Personal Success Profile WITH opportunity to use our Referral program. No monthly fees. No upsells. No sneaky annual upgrade fees. Nothing.   Get Your Free Success Profile & Claim Your Spot We would only caution you to ACT FAST. (this is not some fake deadline marketing trick. It’s real) The Pilot Program will only be available for a limited time and then the doors will close until NAVIGATOR officially launches in Q1 2019. Thanks for reading this report. We hope this information inspires and motivates you to do new great things. and drastically improve your results in all desired categories of your life, expressly in current and future Business! Yours for Quest for Success, Team ZeeQuest