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Your Success Journey

Step 1

ZeeQuest Personal Success Profile

Get to know yourself better

Based on proven life-metric disciplines The ZQ Personal Success Profile helps you discover your talents and insights about your background on which you can start building towards success.

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  • Who You Are / Character
  • How You Approach Life
  • What You Do Best
  • Leadership Style
  • Recommendations for:
    • Team Building
    • Earning Style
    • Personal Growth
    • Professional Growth
  • Your Ideal Days
  • Role Models

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Step 2

ZeeQuest Navigator

Plan your journey

The ZQ Navigator with its sophisticated personal predictive analytics system brings you your ultimate set of tools to help you plan and efficiently execute on your quest for success.

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  • Success Days
  • Goals, Objectives
  • Personal Calendar
Team building
  • Profiling
  • Selecting
  • Managing
Boost your execution
  • Your Ideal Days
  • Tune Your day
  • Dire Days / Extreme Bad Days
  • Measure Your Strengths and Results

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Step 3

Enjoy your Extraordinary Life!

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Success can be calculated with 21st century technology

Life-metric experts have always understood that people who win, those who succeed beyond their wildest imaginations, seek two key advantages - they must know themselves very well, and they must optimize their tendency for good luck. Grand masters of life-metric disciplines have always understood that both advantages can be determined with enough data in hand.

The ZeeQuest founders brought together a renowned life-metrics experts with a profound computer scientists to figure out how to make this kind of personal success system accessible and affordable to everyone. Working with a team of programmers, we have set out to create programmable ZQ PERSONAL SUCCESS PROFILES and a ZQ NAVIGATOR to calculate the probabilities of ideal timing for individuals.

5.8 billion trillion data combinations to calculate the ideal timing of 32 specific activities in a person's life.

What does success profile provide for you?

Who are you

  • Your Foundation
  • Character

What you do best

  • Main profile
  • Sub profile

How you approach life

  • Primary
  • Secondary


  • Recommendation for personal and professional growth
  • Recommendations for your earning style

Other insights

  • Leadership style
  • Your Ideal Co-Workers & Business Associates
  • Your support network
  • Role Models

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Why are we giving a ZeeQuest Success Profile for free?

Introduction to the market is a costly business. We know from experience, once you get your ZQ Personal Success Profile, you’re going to be so excited, you’ll share it with friends, family and followers on Social Media. There’s nothing better and more cost-effective than word-of-mouth advertising from excited customers. So we consider this a win-win deal for you and us.

Always keep in mind that everything in our lives is related/connected and so the old saying “more you give, more you get” is as valuable as ever.

Your Greatest Measure of Success at the End of Your Life Comes Down to 1 Word - LOVE
Warren Buffett

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