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The ZQ Success System

ZeeQuest uses the science of Predictive Analytics to provide You with staggering tools, techniques and methods for 4 Life fundamentals: Time, Health, Social relations and Finance.

Social Relations

The things that took others centuries to master are condensed in a treasury of knowledge for your Life planning, Team-building & Boosting execution.

After more than a decade of development, a digital platform has been perfected to support a personalised holistic approach in the constant quest for success.

ZQ Navigator

The Smart Life Navigation

Your personal predictive analytics software for 32 life categories.

ZQ Business

The Most Comfortable Home Business with Hyper-Viral Revenue Stream

Use our Referral system or apply for the Affiliate program.

Bring your marketing to 0 costs and harvest the value of generating hot leads.

ZQ Token

A Global Profit Sharing Scheme

The STO (Security Token Offering) - a brand new legal structure for future businesses.

Join the power of individual small businesses connected in a global community. A New World Economy fueled by principles of Cooperation.

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Joe Greene
Long Jumper/Athletics

For me, being a medalist at two consecutive Olympic Games simply validates the Life Metric Disciplines I followed throughout my years as a competitor. As a Founding Member of ZeeQuest, I apply these same principles to every aspect of my life and share my enthusiasm for ZeeQuest with others. It’s one of the many ways I give back.

Kevin Young

For me, it’s always a matter of keeping your eyes on the prize. As a young man, winning Olympic Gold in the 400 meter hurdles was my career mission, but now, working with young people and helping the homeless is my life mission. ZeeQuest helps guide me on that clear path to overcome new hurdles and achieve all of my goals in life.

Orsat Zovko
Business owner and CEO

People tell me I’m lucky. How else do you explain an jugoslavian like me founding the FFC (Final Fight Championship) and building a business empire? Sure, I’m lucky – but let me assure you, luck is not random. It’s calculated. You want a Winning Advantage? Go with ZeeQuest.